Manufacturing Workshops

Long-term partnerships ensure that we can rely on the knowledge and accuracy of our partners. Together, we strive day after day for efficiency and optimization of existing collaborations with these partners. Once a long-term healthy collaboration has been established, working together becomes comfortable for everyone. Knowing what we can expect from each other in a healthy and good relationship. We have been relying on these solid foundations for over 100 years!

Local manufacturing workshops as Van Moer colleagues

In Tunisia, Slovakia, Kosovo, and Pakistan, local manufacturing workshops work as our Van Moer colleagues. They are responsible for producing clothing collections that align with their sector-specific expertise. The overall picture: a combination of customer-specific service, a personal approach, transparent communication, and a lot of flexibility.

We have had strong relationships with these manufacturing workshops for over 30 years. At Van Moer, we value building long-term relationships with our manufacturing workshops. We focus entirely on regular meetings and work visits. This way, we ensure the high expectations of our customers and deliver a finished garment tailored to the customer’s wishes!

Sustainable efforts

Van Moer is a large company. Therefore, we feel motivated to tackle global societal challenges. From SA 8000 to BSCI audits.

Van Moer is committed to ensuring good and safe working conditions in the clothing industry and undertakes various efforts to make collections more sustainable. Read more.

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