Equipping your employees with Van Moer’s personalized corporate clothing means ensuring each team member starts their workday in a safe and functional outfit. Seek advice from our expertise and opt for workwear that delivers comfort and a perfect fit.

From trousers and jackets to lab coats, coveralls, and bib pants, we offer a selection catered to every requirement. Our fabrics come in various colors and base qualities, from polyester/cotton blends to inherent materials. We prioritize your preferences, guiding you to comfortable solutions that meet your expectations —a truly innovative blend of comfort and safety.

Looking for customized workwear?

At Van Moer, you don’t just order workwear. You do order the highest wearing comfort and the best daily protection in line with your company’s identity and image. Because a quality, creative, and sustainable result means going further. Beyond just choosing a fabric or color.

With our in-house design, thorough discussions, and customer-centric development of the fit, we create the corporate clothing that equips your employee to give their best every working day.

With over 100 years of experience
in various industries