Standards are crucial for work and corporate attire, as only when comfort and safety merge can we craft certified clothing that offers daily protection from a variety of elements such as weather conditions, extreme temperatures, chemicals, or other hazards.
Van Moer has a wide range of expertise and a committed hands-on mentality as a common denominator. Teamwork with our various departments makes us strong. And you too – as an end customer, distributor, or industrial laundry – are part of that team.

EN – standards for workwear and corporate clothing

Who or what provides the guidelines for corporate clothing, and which standards are required? Trust us: not all inherent or finished fabrics are the same. By asking essential questions and clarifying your specific requirements, we create together a personalized package that provides both protection and impactful appearance for your corporate clothing.

So, if those are your ambitions, then you need a partner who advises you for the most qualitative and cost-effective solution.

EN ISO 11612

Protection against high temperatures and fire: clothing that protects against flames, convective heat (conduction), radiant heat, molten metal splashes, direct heat, and moisture.


EN ISO 11611

Protection during welding and related tasks: safety clothing that provides protection against molten metal splashes, unintentional contact with flames, and UV radiation.


EN 13034

Protection against liquid chemicals: clothing that is liquid-repellent and provides protection against small splashes and light mists of chemical liquids.


EN 61482

Protection against electric arc: clothing that protects when working under voltage with a risk of exposure to an electric arc.


EN 1149

Protection against electrostatic discharge (fire and explosion): anti-static clothing prevents the generation of sparks due to electrostatic discharge, which can prevent fires or explosions.


HACCP & DIN 10524

The DIN 10524 standard incorporates requirements of food safety standards such as HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000, and IFS, and addresses specific business risks. This standard provides guidelines for the design, selection, use, and maintenance of work clothing to prevent food contamination from inappropriate clothing. HACCP, focused on risk management in the food industry, emphasizes the importance of appropriate clothing but does not specify requirements for its appearance or quality.


EN ISO 20471

High visibility protection for day, dusk, and night – Clothing meeting the EN ISO 20471 standard is designed to make the wearer significantly visible under all lighting conditions.


EN 14404

Protection for work in a kneeling position – Specially designed clothing equipped with certified knee protectors according to the EN 14404 standard.


EN 343

Protection against rain and bad weather: Clothing that meets the EN 343 standard provides essential protection against precipitation such as rain and snow, as well as ground moisture.


EN 14058

Protection against cold conditions – Clothing designed to protect in environments where temperatures can drop just above -5 °C.


EN 17353

Enhanced visibility in medium-risk situations, divided into 3 types:
Type A: Gear worn by those at risk of not being seen in daylight conditions, using only fluorescent material.
Type B: Gear for those at risk of not being seen in daylight, using only retro-reflective materials, divided into 3 categories.
Type AB: Gear for visibility in daylight, dusk, and dark, using both fluorescent and retro-reflective materials or combined visibility components.


Need customized corporate clothing?

At Van Moer, you don’t just order workwear. You do order the highest wearing comfort and the best daily protection in line with your company’s identity and image. Because a quality, creative, and sustainable result means going further. Beyond just choosing a fabric or color.

With our in-house design, thorough discussions, and customer-centric development of the fit, we create the corporate clothing that equips your employee to give their best every working day.

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