For the food industry, encompassing both the preparation and processing of perishable and non-perishable food items, Van Moer has developed and offers a variety of collections. They provide a range of fabrics and quality materials tailored to offer customized solutions for the food sector.

Their apparel is designed to comply with DIN 10524 standards and HACCP regulations, ensuring the highest levels of hygiene and the safest, healthiest working conditions for employees in food production environments. With our workwear for the food industry that complies with HACCP regulations, we focus on the safest and healthiest working conditions for your employees in a food production environment.

Need customized corporate clothing?

At Van Moer, you don’t just order workwear. You do order the highest wearing comfort and the best daily protection in line with your company’s identity and image. Because a quality, creative, and sustainable result means going further. Beyond just choosing a fabric or color.

With our in-house design, thorough discussions, and customer-centric development of the fit, we create the corporate clothing that equips your employee to give their best every working day.

With over 100 years of experience
in various industries