Protective workwear

At Van Moer, a fundamental requirement is that work and safety clothing fits perfectly and is comfortable. This ensures that employees can perform at their best. Top priority, however, is guaranteeing employee protection against daily risks and ensuring safe completion of tasks.

For every role, Van Moer designs clothing that provides the right protection and meets the functional requirements of the job. Whether it’s electrostatic, fluorescent, or protection against chemical risks, welding hazards, extreme cold, or wet conditions, their expertise ensures compliance with necessary standards, allowing companies the freedom to operate.

They are committed to protecting personnel and ensuring the safety of products and processes. Van Moer’s knowledge is application-focused, and they excel in providing solutions. Various industries rely on Van Moer for optimal protection of their employees during daily operations.


Standards are crucial for work and corporate attire, as only when comfort and safety merge can we craft certified clothing that offers daily protection from a variety of elements such as weather conditions, extreme temperatures, chemicals, or other hazards.

Need customized corporate clothing?

At Van Moer, you don’t just order workwear. You do order the highest wearing comfort and the best daily protection in line with your company’s identity and image. Because a quality, creative, and sustainable result means going further. Beyond just choosing a fabric or color.

With our in-house design, thorough discussions, and customer-centric development of the fit, we create the corporate clothing that equips your employee to give their best every working day.

With over 100 years of experience
in various industries