Your employees shine every day in the workwear we have designed together with you. This contributes significantly to your positive corporate image. We offer a wide range of options and guide you towards a tailored clothing line. Together, we aim for nothing less than being Fitted to Perfection. In the exciting journey to create the new clothing line, we also advise you on minimizing the ecological footprint. How do we do that? An extensive network of resources ensures that you will be amazed by our pioneering role. We ensure that your team combines sustainability with an attractive appearance and comfortable workwear. Discover all the advantages of our standard collections or a unique concept based on your expectations.


Our expertise ensures that we can provide every employee with comfortable workwear. A wide range of sizes ensures that everyone can start the new workday comfortably. We are happy to guide you and help fulfill your expectations as a customer. Does the risk analysis indicate that we need to provide your employees with standardized workwear? We enthusiastically accept this challenge and work with you to develop a new clothing line. This new, comfortable clothing line will be the business card of your company, worn with pride by your employees!


Precision and refreshment define our standard collections. A surprising design with a balanced mix of using stretch or circular fabric? Confection is in our DNA! Discover our wide range of collections such as Healthcare, Cleanroom, Protective Workwear, and more.

Looking for customized workwear?

At Van Moer, you don’t just order work clothes. You order the highest wearing comfort, the best daily protection, and sustainable quality in line with your corporate identity and image.

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