Who's who

A complementary and experienced team with a heart for our customers. With great passion and dedication, they make a significant contribution to the mission and vision of Van Moer NV. Together, we are able to fulfill your expectations as a customer. Day after day, and this for more than 100 years!

An De Belder
Business development manager
In 2023, An recently started at Van Moer. Newly hired but with over 20 years of experience in sales, she brings tremendous potential to Van Moer! With her service-oriented and people-oriented approach, she strengthens the team of workwear as a business development manager in Belgium. Just like in her previous roles, An draws energy from the human aspect of sales by building long-lasting (sales) relationships and finds challenge in interacting with a variety of people & sectors. A sales veteran through and through!
Arie Raymakers
Sales director
At Van Moer, Arie gives his best for the sales of customer-specific workwear in healthcare. He strengthens the team with his project-based approach and customer-focused view on personalized workwear and corporate clothing. With over 20 years of experience and a deep commitment to customers seeking expertise, trust, and guidance in choosing the clothing package that seamlessly aligns with their needs. Qualities that are extremely valuable as a commercial manager for healthcare and account manager for large laundries & hospitals.
Chris Claes
Sales manager
From collaborating with and supporting customers to ensuring the correct execution of client files and drafting Belgian tenders, Chris is versatile in all areas. With years of experience in textiles, industrial laundry, and the hospital sector, he excels in uncovering new opportunities for our clients. In short, Chris ensures smooth operations for customers such as industrial laundries in Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland.
Katrien Van de Poel
Team leader customer service
For over 20 years, Katrien has been active at Van Moer. As a team leader in customer service, she strengthens our team with her punctuality, customer focus, and strategic insight into incoming and outgoing orders. From emails and phone calls with the warehouse or the sales team within Van Moer, to a variety of customer inquiries and preparing quotes, she takes her job very seriously and constantly strives for excellent and efficient results. In other words, we can rely on Katrien and we stay on track!
Meili Go
Sales manager healthcare
When Meili entered Van Moer, she immediately made her mark. It’s no surprise considering she holds the commercial responsibility for workwear within hospitals in the Netherlands, and boasts rich work experience in those fields. As a sales manager in healthcare, she recruits new clients and projects, delivers presentations, and translates them into new clothing lines that she designs, develops, and implements together with the Van Moer team. Additionally, she serves as the primary point of contact for hospital staff, from board members to nurses. A true creative multitasker indeed.
Merel Nieuwenburg
Sustainability & Quality
With over 25 years of experience in the production environment of Van Moer, Merel has been actively contributing to sustainability in her role as CSR manager. Her specific qualities contribute to the bigger picture: quality in the broadest sense of the word. How? Through extraordinary collaborations and high-quality products with a long first life phase. Her motto: by adapting to the changing world around us, we can meet the expectations of our customers.
Moniek Majoor- van Rijn
Business development
With nearly 20 years of experience in corporate clothing as a business developer, Moniek is responsible for sales and maintaining long-term customer relationships in healthcare. Moniek shapes her projects progressively and future-oriented. She draws energy from working with people and achieving improvements to optimize customer experience. Not only is she fascinated by the company’s DNA, but she also continually discovers new market opportunities and makes smart connections between supply and demand. She challenges everyone in this process, including herself.
Paul Slotboom
Sales manager
With two years of experience at Van Moer, Paul serves as the sales manager for our industrial clients in the Netherlands. He has previously gained expertise with other dealers, manufacturers, and industrial laundries in the workwear sector. The dedication of this driven team player knows no bounds. Paul’s greatest satisfaction comes from forging win-win situations between Van Moer and all our valued customers.
Philippe Swolfs
Sales director
Philippe’s heart beats for everything related to sales strategy and achieving associated goals. As a sales director, Philippe also motivates and supports the diverse mix of Van Moer talents with a collective drive and spirit. Immersed in a culture of collaboration combined with clear expectations and open communication, Philippe always starts from Van Moer’s core values to create a valuable connection with colleagues. Building bridges between different departments is his forte, as well as challenging colleagues for the greater good.

Working at Van Moer

To meet our customers’ expectations, Van Moer NV focuses heavily on Human Capital. Continuously, we observe innovations and implement them in our processes. In an ever-changing market, we are also constantly seeking new talents who can further contribute to the growth of Van Moer NV. Thanks in part to an interesting onboarding process – ongoing internal and external training – we keep our employees up to date in various departments. This allows each employee to bring out the best in themselves and achieve a high level of satisfaction. There are no better ambassadors than our employees.